Kim Boldrini: Photographic Compositions

Exhibits / Clients

EXHIBITS: These photographs were chosen for exhibitions at various galleries and benefits.

This is Hip Hop. First Fridays, 2012 Honolulu, HI.

End of the Day. Medical Missions for Children (MMFC), 2010 NY, NY.

Women Workers. Sold at auction for Survivors of Torture event. Tibet House, 2010 NY, NY.

Berlin walls. Six by Six Gallery, 2009 NY, NY.

Everyone we know: 65 photographs. Art House: Sketchbook Project, 2009 National gallery tour.

Temple Family. PHOTOWORK Barrett Art Center 21st Annual National Juried Exhibit, 2008 Poughkeepsie, NY.

Le Orange Bleue. 17th Annual Juried Weill Cornell Medical Complex Art Show, 2008 NY, NY

Sand Surfer. 17th Annual Juried Weill Cornell Medical Complex Art Show, 2008 NY, NY



Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Honolulu Pulse Magazine/ Star Advertiser Newspaper

TSS Photography

Paul Brown

ImageWise Productions



Centro Properties Group

G2M Productions

Joe Blasco

GrassRoots Festival

Stavit Allweis

Echo Magazine


Mark Williams Band



Festival of Lights.  Feature film. Directed/Written by: Shundell Prasad. Produced by: Graziano Bruni

Das Boots. Short Film. Directed by: David Capurso. Written/Produced by: Russ Spiegel

Really Man Music video. Artist: Junk Science. Directed by: John Ta

Ama Monster. Music video. Artist: J-Eye. Directed by: John Ta

Do it if Want To. Music video. Artist: J-Eye. Directed by: John Ta



“Besides her excellent eye, great team work and punctuality, Kimberly endowed the production with her unique talent of putting all those around her at ease and inspiring and prompting each and every person on the set to realize themselves creatively to the utmost.”

“When you look up ‘people person’ in Webster’s dictionary, it says, see figure 1.a. and right there is Kim’s portrait. She is so open to engaging in people on a real down-to-earth level you can’t help but be at ease with her…the gift that Kim gives people to be themselves in her presence – you either have it or you don’t. She has it in abundance.”

“Kim would be a great asset to any work environment where hard team work and transcendence over the daily grind are required.”

“Amazing! [These photos] are exactly what I was hoping for!”