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As a kid I photographed things. My world opened up in 2006 in NYC with Luis and a Mamiya RZ 67.  I loved images!  We traveled the world and photographed people and musicians. Prof Jamie Gordon at LaGuardia CC taught B&W, Bonnaroo was a class in portraits, India was a test of all time and I came out with gorgeous work. My professor supported me and my work and suggested I apply for galleries. I got into three. At that point all I needed was a little encouragement, and I got it. I left a job I hated and started working on my art, the photography felt real. My parents totally supported me and it felt great. I purchased a Canon 5D with several portrait, fixed, and wide angle lenses to play with. Scared to the bones, I applied to work as a photography teacher- it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I taught over 400 kids photography. The kids taught me more than I taught them (people always say it, and it is so true), the directors loved me, and the kids’ work soared. A year after I left the medical world, I went back. I was able to combine my interests of medicine and photography into the field of dermatologic photography. I put all my eggs in one basket and was determined to get this job. The department head, Daphne, took a shot on me and I surpassed my expectations. I photographed nude people and their moles. Connecting the dots: my seven-month long series of self portraits I had done to make me feel comfortable with myself and a fantastic leadership course I took allowed me to make my patients feel comfortable and well cared for while aiding in their goal of good health. I have never felt so tuned-in to what I was doing.

All the while I’ve been shooting musicians- it is the most inspiring time of my life. I love music, it runs in my veins for better or worse. The soul of a musician is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. The energy between the musician and fans, the lights, the sounds…it all mixes into a beautiful thing. And then I take a picture, and it lives forever. That’s my forte: I capture the essence of an experience.

I also love shooting music video stills and film, portraits, and interesting photo projects. People and their imagination never cease to amaze me. I am looking to create projects with musicians, couples, artists, actors, surfers, travelers, and physicians. Hire me; buy my prints; join forces and put my work on T-shirts, album art, and magazines; or, commission me to help you in your work. I have much more of this world to see and many smiling faces to photograph.

Peace, love, and harmony.



Please contact me for usage/purchase of images. All images are copyrighted. Any use outside of requests will result in legal action.

Kim Boldrini
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